Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dream on

I dream a lot.  especially when I'm stressed.  I usually dream that my teeth are falling out, or made of some kind of gummy material and stretching and dripping at awkward times.  (I guess when is that not awkward?)  Sometimes I dream that I can't bite down all the way, or that I actually run my tongue over my gums and there are no teeth.  And it's so real, it's freaky.  Or I dream I'm driving and mashing on the brakes and the car is hardly slowing down.

Last night every one of the Real Housewives of New York was in my dream.  And the auditions for Last Comic Standing were involved.  Stress?  I don't know.  Vicodin?  Probably.  Obsessed with trashy TV and maybe want those trashy women to be my frienemies, and possibly want to bring back my funny?  Totally.


  1. I hate the teeth dreams. I used to have them all the time ( I'm pretty sure that none of those housewives have their natural teeth...if that helps at all.

  2. Buggin, do you read Every blog on the whole interwebz? You're freaking me out. (which is to say, "did you know that amy is aaron's sister?").

    With that out of the way, I occasionally have the teeth dreams, too, and so does my mom. In mine, my teeth are crumbling in my mouth... not falling out, but breaking apart, so then little shards of teeth cascade out of my mouth. Awful.

  3. I need to look that up. I have freaky dreams, but no teeth dreams. However, dripping teeth would definitely wake me up in a sweat!
    I have the car-braking dreams... those are terrible. But -- at this time in your life... those dreams make sense. You know, feeling out of control.... something's coming up too fast... etc...

  4. Teeth and car dreams often both have to do with control or feeling a lack of it. I have had both many, many times! :)