Sunday, July 11, 2010


I was telling my husband the other day that I am feeling a little frantic deep down inside.  I had all these things planned for summer before surgery and now all the sudden time is racing by.  Today is my last free Sunday before I leave for Michigan, then from Michigan it's to Milwaukee I go.  My trip to MI is filling up so quickly, where I thought I had time for everything.  I had all these plans to make food and freeze it for myself, go to this place or that, work with my dogs more, ride our tandum bike....  And this week I work all week getting ready for our open house on saturday, sunday is a day of flyball with a demo and a meeting, and monday I pack up, get my hair cut, Tuesday I leave.

It's a weird feeling, feeling like time is moving by and feeling a bit frantic and worried.  Overall, I am of course tentatively excited about the end product of the surgery.  But I'm somewhat freaked out about getting there.  To be honest, it's the time in the hospital that is most scary to me.  I've never been in a hospital, not as a patient and only once visiting someone.  And there isn't anything anyone can say to calm my fears - I am scared.  And that's that.


  1. I know no one can calm your fears, you are just going to have to let yourself feel scared and grieve the loss of your summer plans. Hopefully when it all happens it will feel much less scary as you are going through it-then when you are thinking of it.

    Love you, MUAH

  2. I don't know a person that wouldn't be scared... it's unknown, and hospitals aren't exactly the most calming thought to most people-- though their very purpose to keep you safe and healthy, and they will. I'm glad you're in good hands. I'm glad Jeff is there.