Thursday, July 28, 2011

And one year has passed.

Day before yesterday was the one year anniversary of my decompression surgery.  I wanted to blog, but I didn't.  It just felt like another day.  I wish I could say I've had miraculous progress since I posted last, but I haven't.

Now, more than ever before, I realize how much the weather affects me.  Not only to my symptoms get worse when the barometer changes, but I live for sunshine.  I was not built to live in the Pacific Northwest, not even close.  The temperature hasn't climbed above 80 at all where I live, and days in the 70s are few and far between.  I'm from Michigan, the land of sweltering heat and freezing cold winters.  I find Washington's weather to be so apathetic.  Knowing and recognizing how much I love summer, and love sunshine, has helped on the days I feel like punching everyone and everything in the face.  I realize that the sun isn't shining, and know that part of my frustration lies in that fact.

It's hard to believe one year ago I was still in intensive care furiously pushing my pain med button.  It has been such an uphill battle, and continues to be.  I still struggle with a lot of symptoms.  But I have to believe having the surgery was the right choice.  Had I not, my brainstem would still be being crushed and deformed, causing who knows how many other symptoms.

So I'll keep on keeping on, trying to function as best as I can every day.  I am thankful for the pieces of sunshine I do get in life, literally and figuratively.