Monday, October 25, 2010

Gifts are for giving

I had my birthday a bit ago, and just last weekend celebrated with my dear friends Erin and Leo.  This is the gift they got me - they're mugs with zippers on them!  (for those of you who don't know, those of us who have had this surgery are called 'zipperheads' because the scar resembles a zipper) Amazing.  Love them, and such a sweet and thoughtful gift.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back to work

This week and last I've gone back to work.  I've been increasing my hours slowly, and hopefully by next week I'll be on a normal full time schedule.

I'm struggling with my mornings right now.  As much as I want to get up and get my day going, mornings seem to really be killing me.  I am so groggy in the mornings, and still very achey.  I want so badly to be a morning person!  It's embarrassing to have such a hard time getting up in the mornings - it's not because I'm lazy or just like to sleep.  Some mornings, I seriously just cannot get up.  I can't get out of my bed.  I can't explain it any other way.  I hate it.  I could do so much more with my life if I could get up early and get on with everything.

It's hard.  It makes me mad.  It makes me tired.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A trip to the ER

It ended up being fine, so let's put that out there right off the bat.

Yesterday I was shaken from my sleep with a terrible, pulsating headache.  A pain I hadn't felt since I was in the hospital.  I tried to ignore it, I even got to work.  It just kept getting worse.  It got to the point where I couldn't make any sudden movements or it would get worse.  I couldn't bend down, it was horrible.  After some prodding from my coworkers I called my primary, since at this point Milwaukee was closed.  Long story short, the doc on call said to go to the ER because if I were to come see her that's where she would send me.

At this point my dear husband was already sent home from work - I had called and told him that I may be going into the ER.  His boss kicked him out without waiting to see if I indeed was going to the ER.  So he got home and we went.

After several hours, a CT scan, and blood test, everything came back normal.  I was given morphine (after a VERY painful attempt in my right arm, they switched to my left), and told that if it persists I need to come back for a lumbar puncture.  I am happy to report I am feeling much better today.

My only idea about why this happened is this:  I ran for the first time the day before, it was a very short run and it was intervals so just 90 seconds at a time.  Maybe that jarred something and caused it to inflame?  The ER doc didn't think so, but that's my only idea about why this happened.  It was a HUGE headache, i mean a monster.  It makes me mad, it's been three months and I can't even go for a jog without paying heavily for it?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

So much to say

I keep thinking that I should update the blog, but I don't have much to say.  The memory foam mattress topper came yesterday, and I slept on it last night.  It's much better than sleeping on that bed without it, but still a little sore.  Maybe it takes some getting used to.  I had to sleep on the guest bed a bit last night, which I think the cat enjoyed.  He has now taken to sleeping in there all the time, which is funny.  It's his own room.

I'm still having headaches, although I haven't had the real head-splitting kind in about 2 weeks.  They wax and wane, and some sort of pain is always there.  I'm hoping that will subside as I continue to heal.

In other news, I am back to work and back to the gym.  Good news on both accounts.  I think this week I'll be back to work mostly full time, although I'm just going to play it by ear.  Being back at the gym has been great, although I find myself cautious and wanting to do a lot but not wanting to over do it...  So far, so good.

To flyball practice tonight.  In two weeks Georgia and I will run in a tournament in Auburn, but just for one day.  It's my first tournament back.  I think two days would have been too much, so I'm thankful we can run just one.  I'm working on speeding her up, so maybe we'll have a new personal best!

See, nothing exciting.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Keep on keepin' on.

Today was my second day back at work.  My job can be very physically demanding, but also there's a lot of computer work to be done.  Yesterday I spent the day on the computer organizing and catching up, and today I did computer work and actually did some shooting.  The camera is heavy, I can tell I am much weaker and tire very easily.  To be expected, I guess.  I've been recovering for over 11 weeks now (I can't believe it's been that long...), and that's a lot of time away from my job.  And away from my life in general.  Typically I work all day, go to the gym, come home and take care of the animals, eat dinner, go to bed.  I'm a major creature of habit, being out of my routine for so long has been a bit jarring.

I am so thankful for my job.  My boss has been so amazingly flexible that it has taken so much stress away from me.  Especially since I've been away for much longer than I thought.  I'm lucky to be going back to a job that I love, and I'm able to go at my own pace.

Speaking of pace, I got back into the gym this week.  Sunday, actually.  I have missed the gym so much. SO. MUCH.  I've had to hold myself back a bit to be sure I don't over do it.

I feel like since the moment I got to the hospital that morning I've been climbing up hill.  As long as I can keep climbing, I'll be ok.  I'm still having the headaches, and working hard on figuring out how to best reduce my nightly leg pain.  It's a constant adjustment to learn what my body can do and what it can't, and it's definitely a learning process.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The next step

After several nights sleeping in our guest room (the mattress is much firmer than our mattress) I have felt a lot of relief from my night time leg pain - that's the good news!  I have ordered a memory foam mattress topper in a twin size, I'm going to try putting that on top of our existing mattress.  Jeff loves our mattress and would rather not get a new one if he doesn't have to, so we're trying this first.

As far as headaches go, I am still experiencing pain.  Well, I'm still experiencing leg pain as well as headaches.  The neck brace didn't seem to change my symptoms at all, nothing noticeable.  I haven't reported that to Dr. Heffez yet, I've been waiting a few days to see if things have gotten worse since I've taken the brace off (this past Wednesday).

I am going back to work this week, I'm starting half time and will work up to being back full time again.  I still get tired easily and don't have much muscle endurance.  It is still uncomfortable to bend over at times.  I am working on getting a bit of my 'normal' life back.