Thursday, October 14, 2010

A trip to the ER

It ended up being fine, so let's put that out there right off the bat.

Yesterday I was shaken from my sleep with a terrible, pulsating headache.  A pain I hadn't felt since I was in the hospital.  I tried to ignore it, I even got to work.  It just kept getting worse.  It got to the point where I couldn't make any sudden movements or it would get worse.  I couldn't bend down, it was horrible.  After some prodding from my coworkers I called my primary, since at this point Milwaukee was closed.  Long story short, the doc on call said to go to the ER because if I were to come see her that's where she would send me.

At this point my dear husband was already sent home from work - I had called and told him that I may be going into the ER.  His boss kicked him out without waiting to see if I indeed was going to the ER.  So he got home and we went.

After several hours, a CT scan, and blood test, everything came back normal.  I was given morphine (after a VERY painful attempt in my right arm, they switched to my left), and told that if it persists I need to come back for a lumbar puncture.  I am happy to report I am feeling much better today.

My only idea about why this happened is this:  I ran for the first time the day before, it was a very short run and it was intervals so just 90 seconds at a time.  Maybe that jarred something and caused it to inflame?  The ER doc didn't think so, but that's my only idea about why this happened.  It was a HUGE headache, i mean a monster.  It makes me mad, it's been three months and I can't even go for a jog without paying heavily for it?

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