Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Keep on keepin' on.

Today was my second day back at work.  My job can be very physically demanding, but also there's a lot of computer work to be done.  Yesterday I spent the day on the computer organizing and catching up, and today I did computer work and actually did some shooting.  The camera is heavy, I can tell I am much weaker and tire very easily.  To be expected, I guess.  I've been recovering for over 11 weeks now (I can't believe it's been that long...), and that's a lot of time away from my job.  And away from my life in general.  Typically I work all day, go to the gym, come home and take care of the animals, eat dinner, go to bed.  I'm a major creature of habit, being out of my routine for so long has been a bit jarring.

I am so thankful for my job.  My boss has been so amazingly flexible that it has taken so much stress away from me.  Especially since I've been away for much longer than I thought.  I'm lucky to be going back to a job that I love, and I'm able to go at my own pace.

Speaking of pace, I got back into the gym this week.  Sunday, actually.  I have missed the gym so much. SO. MUCH.  I've had to hold myself back a bit to be sure I don't over do it.

I feel like since the moment I got to the hospital that morning I've been climbing up hill.  As long as I can keep climbing, I'll be ok.  I'm still having the headaches, and working hard on figuring out how to best reduce my nightly leg pain.  It's a constant adjustment to learn what my body can do and what it can't, and it's definitely a learning process.

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