Sunday, October 3, 2010

The next step

After several nights sleeping in our guest room (the mattress is much firmer than our mattress) I have felt a lot of relief from my night time leg pain - that's the good news!  I have ordered a memory foam mattress topper in a twin size, I'm going to try putting that on top of our existing mattress.  Jeff loves our mattress and would rather not get a new one if he doesn't have to, so we're trying this first.

As far as headaches go, I am still experiencing pain.  Well, I'm still experiencing leg pain as well as headaches.  The neck brace didn't seem to change my symptoms at all, nothing noticeable.  I haven't reported that to Dr. Heffez yet, I've been waiting a few days to see if things have gotten worse since I've taken the brace off (this past Wednesday).

I am going back to work this week, I'm starting half time and will work up to being back full time again.  I still get tired easily and don't have much muscle endurance.  It is still uncomfortable to bend over at times.  I am working on getting a bit of my 'normal' life back.

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