Monday, September 27, 2010

A sleeping experiment

I had a thought the other night while tossing and turning to try to escape the horrible pain that gripped my legs and back.  I decided to do an experiment - I decided to try sleeping in our guest room to see if that has any effect on my pain level.  The guest bed is significantly firmer than our luxurious king.  Although everything I've read makes me think we made the right choice in our mattress softness (I'm a side sleeper, neither of us is very heavy), couldn't hurt to try to change a variable.  

So the past three nights I've been sleeping in the guest bed.  Jeff joined me once, to his dismay.  He hates that bed.  Otherwise he's been working nights so we aren't sleeping at the same time anyway.  I'm hesitant to disclose my experiment results because I'm afraid I'll jinx it.  So far, my leg pain has been the familiar dull aching that I experience all day, but has no intensified in the night.  Amazing.  Secondly, my back pain has lessened, then was the same, then lessened.  That may have to do with the amount of hours I'm laying down, no matter what bed.

Do I think changing mattresses will solve my leg pain?  No.  not in the least.  But, the spike in pain I experience through the night that keeps me awake may be able to be lessened or gone completely.  I don't have a plan at the moment, I'm going to sleep in there again tonight and then discuss with my partner what we should do.  I feel like a sleep number bed may be calling me...  Hmm... I wonder what my sleep number will be?

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  1. tell jeffy that the sleep number is going to have to be the way to go:) hope the pain continues to lessen with your new experiment