Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recovery: Granola

Yesterday was another day of a bit of baking - granola this time.  I've never made granola, but my mom used to.  So I thought I'd try.

I made this cinnamon raisin granola, but didn't have coconut.  I used crushed pecans instead.  It turned out really well!  I gave some to a friend, and ate most of the rest this morning.  I'll definitely make that one again.  Made the house smell good, too.


  1. Hi Amy,
    First off, I do read your blog all the time. I've been thinking about your comment regarding long and short necks. I don't know where the grass is greener. I am a SHORT neck, I can't wear turtlenecks - they touch my ears. I can't wear chandelier earings - which I LOVE - they lay on my shoulders. So maybe I'll be jealous of long necks.
    Hugs Jude

  2. mmmmm... looks good! so it was easy to make?