Thursday, September 23, 2010

More aches and pains.

The last few nights my leg pain has been worse than it ever has been.  It wakes me up, even after I've taken a sleeping pills, and I toss and turn, hoping it will get better.  It doesn't.  I don't know what is causing this pain.  My gut tells me it's a combination of things, so I'm trying to figure out at least something so I can have a little relief.  The pain used to be mostly concentrated in my calves, now it's my feet, my ankles, legs, lower back...  I've seen a pediatrist to see if the problem is coming from my feet.  I overpronate, and have (expensive!) orthotics.  And I wear them almost all the time.  But no relief.

It seems like whatever I do, it hurts.  If I rest, if I walk, it hurts.

This day marks the halfway point with my neck brace.  I'm a bit more used to it than at first, although still dream of someone strangling me.  I'm definitely antsy to get it off.  As I mentioned, I still have the terrible leg/lower body pain, as well as pain between my shoulder blades and headaches.  The headaches (I think) are getting better.  Although they are still bad sometimes, it's more like a dull ache.  That's what it was like before surgery...  I just need to trust it takes time.

In other news, I went out on the town with my friends on Tuesday.  It was so much fun!  AND, it was semi-costumey so I could wear a boa and feel way less self conscience about the neck brace.
Me, Erin, and Christina at a sneak peek of Teatro Zinzanni's new show

Erin and me pre-show.
It was a fun night.  I paid dearly for it that night and the next day, my legs were screaming.  It's making me crazy that they hurt so bad and no one knows why.  It was merely a guess that the pain was caused by the malformation.  I'm very fearful it is not.

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