Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recovery: Mac and cheese

At the suggestion of my friend Laura, I will start putting the recipes I'm trying during this recovery time.

I made this mac and cheese the other day.  Here are my suggestions:  add a bit of milk, lessen the amount of bread crumbs (they are overpowering) and add more cheddar!  It isn't cheesy enough without more cheddar.  With those changes, I'd give the recipe 4 stars.  Without them, 2 stars.  It tastes good, but it more a casserole than mac and cheese.

The sun is showing it's pretty little face today.  I'm headed to Steven's Hospital to start my volunteer orientation so that Dozer and I can visit as a pet partner team.  Next week I will be at my 6 week follow up appointment with Dr. Heffez.

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  1. Thank you! I love that you took my advice! :) No one ever listens to me! haha :) LOVE IT! Glad you are keeping busy while recovering... I am going to try this recipe! Love you!