Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well wishes

First, I want to wish my facebook Chiari friend Trina good luck - she has her surgery on Tuesday (the day before my 6 week check up appt).  Trina, you'll do awesome.  There's nothing to say to lessen your fear, but know that I'm pulling for you and hoping for a speedy recovery for you!  The hospital is tough, but the ICU nurses are awesome, they will take very good care of you.  Keep your thumb on the pain button. =)

Tomorrow we leave for Michigan, then my dad and I travel to Milwaukee for my appointment.  I get another MRI and then meet with Dr. Heffez.  Hopefully my dad and I will be able to stop by Kopp's and try their sundae of the month.  I would get another MRI just for some Kopp's custard.  Shoot, I would get another MRI for a visit to Northpointe Snackbar.  (It's funny how familiar Milwaukee is becoming in my mind.  And strange how fond my memories of that place are.)

On another note, I went into a hospital yesterday.  I had no idea how jarring that would be for me.  I'm interviewing to volunteer with Dozer at Swedish Hospital in Edmonds.  I walked in (Dozer wasn't with me this time), I was fine...  Until I saw someone wheeling by on a gurney...  My stomach dropped and I immediately had butterflies fluttering around in my stomach.  It definitely brought me back to that morning before surgery.  I have never had anxiety dealing with hospitals, not even though I've had a million MRIs and X Rays and CTs and all kinds of things.  But after my surgery experience, I have a whole new outlook on hospitals.  I think it may end up being a blessing in the end, hopefully that will help me get in the shoes of the patients that Dozer and I see...  I won't start visiting for a few weeks, so I can get a bit more distance between that time and my surgery.  That was a hard time.

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