Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a change in elevation

yet another entry on amy's behalf...

it is somewhat ironic that the people from washington, land of mountains, are excited about a change in elevation.  especially considering that we are in wisconsin.  i'm not sure people in wisconsin have any idea what a mountain looks like.  although, this is a different kind of elevation.  lately the discussion surrounding amy's recovery has turned to how soon we can begin elevating her from 180 degrees to 90 degrees.

as of right now, she's been lying totally flat since the procedure.  that was some time around noon on monday.  that means at noon today, she will have been flat on her back for 48 hours.  you can probably imagine how miserable that is.  the nursing staff plans to begin elevating her about 10 degrees every hour until she is sitting up.  i'm not sure when that will begin, though.

otherwise, amy has been sleeping a little more consistently.  her pain is primarily in her head, between where the incision was made, and general headaches.  she's mentioned that her back, shoulders and torso are sore.  hopefully that will go away quickly once she is able to shift her body weight and sit up.  the nurses tell us that amy is doing really well, given the fact that she has been able to monitor and control her nausea.  amy may get angry that i mention it, but she hasn't vomited yet...which apparently is pretty remarkable.  she's drinking water and juice when she wants, but needs help doing so.

mom spent a lot of time with amy yesterday while us boys took a break and went to a brewers baseball game.  she mentioned that amy laid quietly while she read to her.  mom said that at one point she thought amy was asleep because she had closed her eyes and was breathing so quietly.  then, amy broke the silence by saying, "this sucks".  those are probably the two most insightful words that have been spoken all week.

dad ended up staying with amy all night last night.  when we came in this morning to relieve him he looked tired.  i'm guessing he didn't get a whole lot of sleep in these lousy chairs, either.  ben leaves this afternoon to head back to work.  it's been good having him here.  i think amy really likes having ben around, he lifts her spirits with their inside jokes.

i suppose that's about all the news i can muster right now...not a whole lot of change.  the nursing staff continues to rotate and take care of amy, although i still think katie is my favorite nurse for amy.  she seems to be the most in tune with what amy needs.

thanks again for all the kind support.


  1. Hey Jeff,
    I just wanted you guys to know that I've been following your blog and have been praying for Amy quite a bit this week. Praying for a quick recovery and for peace in the process.

    Thanks for keeping us updated!
    Amber (Beeson) Cox

  2. Thanks for updating, Jeff. Hugs and support from all of us on the flyball team!

  3. Jeff
    Sounds like one of those experiences you slog thru one hour at a tome . The description you give is very real. Thanks. The dream I had last evening was of Amy so perfectlybfine laughing away and everyone being so astounded she' d bounced back like---miraculously. But of course that's " in my dreams" so to speak. Thinkingvof you and knowingvthat the threshold that she'll hit on recovery will be great as she does slowly inch back day by day .
    Barb C

  4. Tell her I am thinking of her always~

  5. Jeff. Thank you.
    Ame. I love you.
    You are both... beyond amazing.

  6. Thanks for the updates! And yes, Amy may get a little peeved at the mention of her not vomiting, but I've got her back... I remember a fella who couldn't even enjoy his birthday dinner (nor could his friend Sr. Reoyo) because he was already "ill" from earlier festivities that day. He thought he was in the clear, but alas, couldn't even make it the short distance from my home back to his own without having his lovely, patient wife pull over so he could puke in the Silver Firs residential area. That man: Jeff Vandenberg. That one's for you Ames!!

    Leo and I think about you everyday, send best wishes for a healthy recovery, and can't wait to see you at SeaTac on Aug 3!!