Friday, July 2, 2010

four legged nurses

Research shows that animals of all kinds can improve self esteem, provide a positive outlet for energy, and brighten your mood.  (Info from Healing Paws, Inc, where Dozer and I attend Therapy Training classes.  Haven't taken our evaluation yet but hope to do so soon and pass!)  My dogs have provided all kinds of therapy for me for the past 6 1/2 years, and now there's a new little therapist in the house.

This is my foster kitty, Alexander.  (AKA Alex, Allie, Alliecat, Dirty Beard)
He's a 13 yr old Persian cat, his lady died and he came to the shelter completely matted and weighing only 4lbs.  He was completely miserable, and being bullied by the other cats.  I saw him in the Purrfect Pals kitty room, laying with his face smushed up against the wall.  and I knew he had to come home with me.

I've never been a real cat person, I've always been in love with dogs.  But I am an overall animal person, and my dear, sweet husband let me open our home to Purrfect Pals kitties with no forever home.  Alex is our third kitty, and has wormed his way into our hearts.

There's nothing like a furry friend to cheer you up, to sit with you when you cry, to look at you with eyes that only want love.  Allie sleeps by my head, he crawls under my comforter, he now ventures downstairs to hang out with me and the dogs while I cook.  (Mostly because he's a hog and will beg for meatsies while I eat.)  He makes me laugh, and does all kinds of funny cat things I never knew cats did.   I didn't realize how much cats like closets.  Or boxes and bags.  I didn't know it was normal for a cat run wildly about upstairs, making the 6lbs they weigh sound like 160. 

As much as my animals drive me crazy at times, they are my therapy and I am so thankful they will be here to help me heal.  


  1. I miss cats. Alex sounds like a character. If you're really down, put a sock on his head. Just don't do it around stairs or sharp objects...
    Jason's mom has a puppy that continually gets his head stuck in things and then stumbling around the room...I hate to admit it's very cute.

  2. "I've never been a real cat person" Now Amy, that's not quite true! I seem to recall how badly you wanted a cat when you were little! :)