Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whew, big day.

All of the lying down is really taking its toll on my body.  My back aches, and my legs are killing me.  I am trying to be hopeful that the leg pain is being caused by all the laying around I'm doing.  Today I woke up with massive body pain, but started the day with a little pruning anyway.  There's this crazy tree that has gone totally wild the past couple months.  I had no idea, especially since it's up the front walk and we never use that entrance.  I opened the front door this morning and it was a serious jungle.  So, I attacked it.  Well, attacked it as much as I can attack at this point.

Jeff is still off which is really great.  He goes back to work next week, and I will surely be lonely when he does.  I (and the dogs) have gotten spoiled having him home so much.  He takes very good care of me - makes sure I have my medication, makes sure I lay down enough, does the dishes and chores around the house, very helpful.  I know he is just as hopeful as I am that this surgery was the right choice.

No exciting photos or exciting news today.  I did more today than I have since I got home from surgery (which in comparison to what I normally do isn't much), so I'm sure this evening I'll take it easy and watch some more cake shows on TV.  Is it just me, or is there a massive amount of shows about cupcakes and cakes?

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