Monday, August 9, 2010

Now we wait...

It's been two weeks since my surgery, and I'm unsure if I am feeling 'normal' for this stage of recovery.  I assume so.  My neck is stiff and it's hard to turn my head.  I am still diligently following the 2 hours up/half hour down.  I'm still fairly consistent with taking my pain killer and muscle relaxer, but I still get nasty headaches from the back of my head/neck that spiderweb forward.  I think that is normal since, oh, ya know...  It was opened up two weeks ago.  A fairly traumatic experience I believe.

I expected the headaches/sore neck.  What I did not expect was how sore my body would get.  I have been laying down so much that the lower portion of my body is extremely sore.  At least I'm crossing my fingers the pain is caused by laying down so much.  I can't even imagine the idea that this surgery did not solve my leg pain problem.

But as I mentioned previously, Dr. Heffez told us that the arteries that we saw in the MRI have actually left grooves in my brainstem - I would assume that would take a while to right itself.  I was having coffee with a friend this morning and she said it well - I need to be patient,  but all I've been is patient through all the pain.  Just a little more is what I kept telling myself.  It's like when you're getting a kid to eat his vegetables, you say "One more bite...  Now one more bite.  One more, for real..."

So I wait.

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  1. Two weeks seems like so long... but then I think about the kind of surgery you had, and it makes sense that everything still hurts, even though it's frustrating. Shoot-- I had my darn wisdom teeth pulled and it took 3-4 weeks for things to not hurt.... I can imagine *brain surgery* would prob. take a while to settle down. And-- at worst.. if it turns out it's not settling down the way it should, you know Dr. Heffez will pay attention to that and do something about it. (Unless, of course, he's been talking to his mom...then he might just brush you off and say, "Oh Aymeee... it's just your period."...)