Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All the aches and pains

Several people have asked me what my particular symptoms were/are, which I never really addressed.  Here's a rough timeline:

Moved here to WA state 6 years ago, very shortly thereafter was in an extremely minor car accident.  From then on, I had headaches more and more frequently until they were every day, all day.  The pain waxed and waned but it was always there.  Every single doctor I saw asked where the headaches was, and I could never answer them.  It's my whole head, my neck, everything.

2 years ago my leg pain began.  It was super weird, I was driving to work and I remember rubbing my calves thinking, "what did I do at the gym yesterday...?"  I even complained about it that day to my boss.  From then on, my legs hurt.  They hurt when I was active, and hurt being still.  The pain was so strange, no pattern whatsoever.  It was mostly from my knee down, but I also had lower back pain.  It was so achey, no matter what I did they just hurt.

I was also always tired, no matter how much sleep I would get.  I was run down.  Everything felt like it was a huge effort, and my muscles were tired after I went up just one flight of stairs.  I continued working out, but not nearly to the capacity that I used to.  I also had a terrible time remembering things, and was mentally very foggy.  (I am still that way, hoping it has to do with the painkillers I'm on!)  It was the weirdest feeling - I had zero recollection of doing things sometimes.  My boss would ask me if I called so and so or did something, and I would have no idea.  It was scary.  I felt like I was a liar, but I truly could not remember.  I still have that problem, and hoping it will go away.

So that's it in a nutshell.  There are other small things that may or may not have been related to CM.  Time will tell, I guess!

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