Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sleep, Sun, and Sundaes

Still don't have the energy or ability to sit up long enough to delve into the hospital experience from my perspective, so another short post.

from the looks of this, we're on vacay.  Not so, friends.
I spend my time here at the hotel laying down flat on my back, playing gin, doing a little sitting in the sun.  I sat in the sun today, but started feeling really rotten so i came in to rest.  I alternate between icing my neck/head and laying down flat.  it's not very fun, but at least there's nothing to do besides rest.  if i were home i think i'd be wanting to -do- things.

We went to Kopp's for the second time tonight, more to come on that experience.  SO good.

there is a fine lie between not going crazy but resting enough, and doing too much.  I haven't really figured out how I am 'supposed' to feel yet, Tuesday we go back to see Dr. Heffez to get the staples out (all 18 of them!) and I suppose he'll have a few more answers for me.

Here's an updated pic of my stitches - they are floating away from the skin now since the swelling has gone down somewhat.  Although I do find after I've been laying down the swelling increases until I ice it.
I'm still in pain, I have a hard time turning my head and an especially hard time bending down or going from up to down/down to up quickly.  There is spinal fluid that has leaked (this is normal anytime you work through/with the spinal cord) which causes very intense bouts of pain that correlate with my heartbeat.  Not all the time, but for a few seconds at a time.  When that happens it's debilitating.  It doesn't happen too often, though.

More soon, I think once I get home I'll be able to start documenting and sharing my hospital experience.  I should start writing it down, though, because the farther away I am from it the fuzzier it gets.

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