Sunday, August 15, 2010

Places to go

I mentioned yesterday to Jeff that I'd like to go to Pike Place Market again.  I've been several times with people from out of town, but I hadn't been in the summer (that I remembered).  Yesterday I made the mistake of being much too lax in my sitting up/laying down.  Jeff went out for the evening and my headache got worse and worse.  I've never had a migraine, but I have had what is called a 'spinal headache' when I had a spinal tap.  This was that.  And the worse thing is that meds do nothing - the spinal fluid is just angrily sloshing around in my head.  The only thing to do is lay down.

I had been laying down since 8:20pm and was still awake and in a lot of pain when Jeff got home.  I took more medication, it had been 7 hours since I took the last set, and about an hour later I finally felt relief.  It was about 2am.  

So anyway, we went to Pike Place as planned this morning, but very carefully!
Our attempt to get a pic together with the sign

Duh, gotta have a Starbucks!  An Arnold Palmer, refreshing!

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  1. You're gorgeous. Even glamorous! All the time.
    Lucky, smooth chick.