Monday, August 16, 2010

I drove today.

I drove the car today, which is a first since I had the surgery.  The incision caused such stiffness in my neck that for a long time I was much to scared to drive (even though the aftercare instructions say I can).  But my neck has loosened up a great deal, I'd say I'm 70% toward my regular range of motion.

Other than driving, nothing exciting today.  Took Dozer for a walk, but I (ok, we both) got tired pretty quickly.  I helped Jeff wash the cars (I manned the hose) so I could enjoy the sun, my favorite thing.

Tomorrow I'm so excited to be seeing two friends that I haven't seen much since I returned.  I haven't really seen anyone for that long since I had surgery, so it will be fun.  For all these weeks it's pretty much just been Jeff and me, with very few others mixed in.  I told Jeff that we haven't spent this much time together since we were first married, and I'm glad to know we still get along.  Or he hides that I drive him crazy very well.  One of the two.

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