Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the shirt off your back.

Those of you who know me, know that I am a crafter.  I've started a new fun venture using old t-shirts and crocheting them into scarves.

Tara is modeling my latest one

Snez is bundled up in my first try ever

I tell you all this because after my surgery, I know I'll be bored and needing to occupy myself!  If you have any old t shirts (any color, any wear, the tissue tee ones are the best) that you're wanting to get rid of, PLEASE send them my way!  I plan on cutting them with my mom pre-surgery, then having a bunch to work with for post-surgery.  You can mail them to me, email me if you don't have my address.

Again, doesn't matter the color, if they're graphics or whatnot.  Just make sure they are all cotton t shirts with no bedazzling or studs.  I know you guys, you wear a lot of bedazzled clothing.


  1. haha, I have lots, I'll try to get to sending them

  2. Lo, I'd love it. Any amount is great, I want to go to cutting them up so i have a ton to work on.