Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Round and round we go

Still this pre-op physical is holding everything up.  Bright and early this morning, another call from my PCP's office - "No, we can't do the pre-op physical.  you have to get it done where you're going to have the surgery."  She said that like a.) that would be easy to do and b.) I should know WHY that is.

Finally my Dr. got on the phone, and she said they no longer do consults, and something to the effect that the cost of one is included in the surgery cost.  She she won't do it.  And that leaves me where, exactly?  She will call the WI Chiari Center and tell them that, and then get back to me.

Why is this such an issue?  Why am I being treated when I talk to different providers that it's -my- fault they don't cover these physicals?  And why did I get the strange feeling that my Dr. doesn't believe the surgery will work...?


  1. Don't you think it's tied to money and reimbursements?

  2. I do, i think it's a mess... i think my PCP's office is thinking about the money they are or aren't getting.

  3. I had problems getting the pre-op physical covered too. My condition was less serious, obvs., but insurance was at first balking at covering the EKG, etc. that I had to get pre-op.

    In my case, I just went ahead and paid for it with my FSA account (time was of the essence, as it is in your case!), and eventually, insurance did end up covering most of it.