Saturday, May 28, 2011

New research

I have been searching for more information these past few weeks. Last night my husband and I talked about the possibility of me having a second surgery... There is no reason for me to thnk I need another surgery except for the fact I am not better. I have found no relief so far, and to say that is frustrating is an under statement.

I read a lot of chiari blogs, but most are outdated, last posts being 2009. This spring has been hard, the pressure changes really make my aches and pains worse.

What now? I do not know. Bt I have promised myself I will blog more, if not to keep everyone updated than to at least document for my own memory.


  1. Do you find in the blogs that people have gotten relief from the surgery?

  2. Lo, it's been a lot of mixed outcomes. Some people have gone through 2, 3, or even 4 surgeries. Some have had relief, but I'm not finding anyone who found relief after so long, ya know?